DOSICAIR flow regulator

The DOSICAIR regulator is inserted between a perfuser and the veins puncture system.

It allows the increase the precision and regularity of the infusions without pretending to replace an infusion pump.

The operating principe of the DOSICAIR is based on cylinders graduated from 20 to 250ml/hour, provided with an internal channel through which the solute passes and whose calibre can be reduced by rotation.

The tightness of these two cylinders is ensured by a medical silicone seal witch is in permanent contact with the solution administered to the patient.

The advantages of the flow regulator are as follow :

  • safety and ease of handling by rotation requiring the use of both hands thus avoiding involuntary movements,
  • flow rate range from 20 to 250 ml/h, direct reading.

DOSICAIR does not contain latex or nitrile

Without injection site

Dosicair Without injection site

With latex-free injection site

Dosicair With latex free injection site

MD class : Is, CE0459. Please read the instruction for use