Our quality policy

CAIR LGL designs, develops, produces, sterilizes and markets its products. The company is known for its know-how and expertise, offering a diversified range of innovative products while guaranteeing quality patient care. For any product placed on the market, CAIR LGL complies with strict regulations and standards specific to the single-use medical device sector.

CAIR LGL is certified by the G-MED and complies with the requirements of the international standards NF EN ISO 13485: 2016 relating to the design, manufacture and marketing of non-active and non-implantable medical devices.

CAIR LGL is certified for the validation and routine control of sterilization and treatment of medical devices, in accordance with ISO 11135: 2014.


Our environmental policy

The preservation of the environnement is an essential factor in the development of the society. Cair LGL is committed to protecting the environment by taking action to reduce its energy and water consumption and manage its waste. A protected environment requires a controlled activity.

Aware of its potential environmental impacts, Cair LGL is moving towards the implementation of an environmental management system based on the ISO 14001 standard.

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